The Walk Forward Pro Referral Programme

Learn about how you can earn money with the Walk Forward Pro Referral Programme.

Referrer Programme Overview

We want as many people as possible to benefit from using Walk Forward Pro. That's why we have introduced the WFP Rererral Programme.

So how does it work? If you register onto the referral programme, you will be provided with a unique invitation URL link including your unique 'Affiliate ID'. You can then share links (that include your affiliate ID) on your website or social media to help spread the word, and make others aware of Walk Forward Pro. If anyone follows your link and then continues to purchase Walk Forward Pro, we will share a percentage of the price paid with you. The percentage you receive depends on whether you are a Walk Forward Pro customer yourself (if you have already purchased Walk Forward Pro or are a current subscriber to Walk Forward Pro).

Referrer Percentages

Referrer payment percentages are as follows:

  • When the referrer IS a WFP customer - Referrer earns 10% of the price we get paid by the new customer*
  • When the referrer is NOT a WFP customer - Referrer earns 2.5% of the price we get paid by the new customer*

How can you refer potential customers?

You can share your referral link:

  • On your website
  • On third party discussion forums
  • On your Blog
  • Via your mailing list
  • On Social Media sites

Try to be imaginative about the message you use with your links. Talking about your personal experience of using Walk Forward Pro and how it has improved your trading systems often works really well.

Remember the more people that follow your links and buy Walk Forward Pro, the more you will earn.

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