Walk Forward Pro Videos

A selection of videos to help customers use the walk forward analysis software for MetaTrader MT4 and MT5 - Walk Forward Pro

What is Walk Forward Analysis and why does it work?

This video shows you what Walk Forward Analysis is. It also illustrates how it solves a number of major issues encountered by algorithmic traders, and how the technique can be used to improve the effectiveness of your trading system.

Best-practice Walk Forward Optimization and how to avoid pitfalls

This video talks you through a series of best-practice techniques to help make your Walk Forward Analysis/Optimization process run smoothley. It also warns against a number of common mistakes and pitfalls.

One Minute Quick-Start Guide to Walk Forward Analysis

This short 1 minute video provides an excellent overview of Walk Forward Analysis and Optimization. It is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in using Walk Forward Analysis to optimize their trading systems.

Setting up and running your first Walk Forward Analysis

This tutorial explains how to set up your very first Walk Forward Analysis using 'Walk Forward Pro' with MetaTrader MT4 or MT5. It covers the set up of the analysis parameters, shows the optimization process, and explains the final out-of-sample back test results. This is a MUST WATCH before you attempt your own Walk Forward Analysis.

How to connect Walk Forward Pro to MT4 & MT5

This brief 3-minute tutorial shows how to connect 'Walk Forward Pro' to MetaTrader MT4 and MT5.

Generating the Expert.ini file ready for testing

This very brief video talks you through the quick process of resolving the issue with a missing experts .ini file. You will sometimes come across this problem when choosing an Expert Advisor in Walk Forward Pro if the expert has not been run in MetaTrader before.

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