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Walk Forward Pro Software uses multi-stage walk forward analysis, combined with best-practice backtesting & optimization methodologies, to help produce more profitable and robust expert advisors for MetaTrader MT4 and MT5



Walk Forward Analysis Software For MetaTrader MT4 and MT5

Important Announcement

Our Walk Forward Pro software will no longer be sold via 'software-only' licences.

We have made the decison to only make Walk Forward Pro available to those clients who engage Trade Like A Machine for qualifying training and consultancy programmes.

Existing 'software-only' clients will not be affected by this decision.


Our 'Walk Forward Pro' software provides best-practice backtesting, that's specifically designed to address some of the most common problems that algorithmic traders face when optimizing their expert advisors.

  • The MT4/MT5
    Strategy Tester

    When used alongside best-practice backtesting processes, the built-in MT4 and MT5 Strategy Testers can both be effective optimization tools.

    However, few traders understand what best-practice back testing encompasses and many never manage to produce profitable systems that deliver the results they expect in their real-money accounts.

  • Why do most
    traders fail?

    This is due to a number of reasons: the most important being over-optimization of trading systems.

    The majority of traders do not know how to measure the statistical significance of their backtesting and have no idea if they have over-optimized their system. We consider this the #1 reason why over 90% traders fail.

  • The answer?
    Walk Forward Pro

    Walk Forward Pro has been designed from first principles to backtest and optimize trading systems using best-practice.

    First and foremost all testing is undertaken using scientific principles and techniques to produce statistically significant results, leading to more robust trading systems.

About Walk Forward Pro

A new approach to backtesting and optimization software

Multi-stage Walk Forward Analysis

Widely considered by professionals to be the most effective optimization approach - the gold standard - keeping systems in tune with the markets whilst promoting robusteness.

How is Walk Forward Pro different?

Most backtesting tools provide functionality and features that look great in principle - however our experience is that many of these features promote over-optimization. This results in really great looking back tests, but systems that fail in your live, real money account.

Scientific, statistically-based approach

We have no interest in great looking backtests. Everything we build into our software promotes robustness, and focusses on delivering production-ready trading systems. Our Machine Learning algorithms provide intelligence to the user to increase the statistical significance and reliability of results.

Backtesting and Optimization Software for MT4 and MT5

Integrates to MT4 and MT5 using interfaces that are 100% supported and documented by MetaQuotes. This requires some minor code additions to your mql4/mql5 source code1.

1If you have purchased an EA and do not have the source code you will not be able to use Walk Forward Pro

Are you ready to take the next step towards your successful career as a trader?

Get started today and optimize your trading systems like a professional.

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Backtesting and Optimization Software Features

Walk Forward Pro strives to turn the complex world of backtesting, which is prone to many pitfalls, into an effective and intuitive process for traders.

The software incorporates the features needed to complete optimizations using best practice methodologies, helping achieve robust trading systems that perform in live accounts.

Pre-Assessment Module

The pre-assessment module runs before each walk forward analysis. It detects any price data issues and makes the trader aware

In-Sample Parameter Optimizations

The test period is split into multiple stages allowing parameter optimization to stay in tune with changing market conditions

Automated Parameter Selection

Users can define the performance criteria that parameter selection is based on. Walk Forward Pro takes care of the rest

Out-of-Sample Walk Forward Tests

Following each in-sample optimization, a walk forward out-of-sample test is run to determine the robustness of the optimization phases

Pre-Live Optimization Module

If you are happy with the results of your system, a pre-live optimization can be performed to identify the parameters to use in live trading

Machine Learning Module

The Walk Forward Pro Machine Learning Module suggests the optimal settings for the walk forward analysis based on the characteristics of your trading system

Multi-Core Processing

Take advantage of multi-core processing (local, network and MQL5 cloud cores) to speed up optimizations (MT5 only)




The majority of commercial backtesting products use features specifically designed to appeal to traders, in order to increase sales. However, often these software suppliers don't even use their own products to develop systems or trade the markets.

We think this is a direct conflict of interests and leads to features being developed in their systems that can sound really impressive to the customer, but unfortunately often lead to curve-fitting and over-optimization. The outcome of this for the trader is that impressive looking backtests are produced, but the systems lose money as soon as they are traded in a live account.

Walk Forward Pro is completely different. It has been built with one intention in mind. To assist with trading system development, producing backtests that are statistically significant, and systems that are robust in real-time trading. Trading institutions and intelligent retail traders across the World are choosing Walk Forward Pro.

Are you ready to take the next step towards your successful career as a trader?

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Did you know that most organizations selling trading products and services don't actually trade themselves? Their business models are built purely on selling products and services.

At Trade Like A Machine it's different. We're really passionate about systematic, algorithmic trading. We trade the markets each and every day, so we understand your challenges and issues. We understand the highs and the lows that you experience. This gives us a unique insight, allowing us to provide products and services to our customers that deliver what they really need.

Furthermore we publish our trading track record for everyone to see. We don't hide the bad days. We believe in full transparency, and so we publish both the good and the bad. Every trader has bad months, and we're no different. Why not take a look?

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Walk Forward Pro

Our Stats


Over 53 thousand trading system optimizations undertaken on Walk Forward Pro so far.

Machine Learning Improvements

Robustmenss of over 10 thousand trading systems improved based on input from the Machine Learning algos.


Serving systematic, algorithmic traders in 38 countries around the world, and growing

Roadmap Enhancements

62 Functionality enhancements on our development roadmap. The best is yet to come...

Are you ready to take the next step towards your successful career as a trader?

Get started today and optimize your trading systems like a professional.

Need more information first? No problem, we suggest you take a look at the Walk Forward Pro User Hub. This is packed with useful resourses such as FAQs, user guides, videos, software release notes, and more.

Also, remember we're always here to help, or answer any specific questions you have.

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