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At Trade Like A Machine, we're passionate about automated, algorithmic trading. We believe that the process of developing, robustily backtesting and optimizing trading strategies, and then allowing automated trading robots to trade the markets for us, is far superior to manual trading.

Trading robots (or EAs) can trade the markets using our predetermined rules, so much better than we can ever hope to. They execute our rules without ever getting tired or bored. They have no emotional tie to the trades they are managing. Anger, fear, and greed do not even start to affect their performance.

They simply Trade Like A Machine.

  • Best-of-Breed
    Backtesting Software

    Ground breaking backtesting software for the robust optimization of MetaTrader MT4 and MT5 EAs.

    Combining Walk Forward Analysis with Machine Learning to help deliver robust trading strategies

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  • Bespoke Training

    Training packages matched to the client, with a strong emphasis on algo trading system development and optimization.

    Accepting clients from novices through to experts - anyone with a strong desire to improve their algo trading.

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  • Consultancy

    Providing consultancy and assistance around algo trading system development and testing.

    Specialists in the use of walk forward analysis and optimization to deliver robust trading systems.

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Did you know that most organizations selling trading products and services don't actually trade themselves? Their business models are built purely on selling products and services.

At Trade Like A Machine it's different. We're really passionate about systematic, algorithmic trading. We trade the markets each and every day, so we understand your challenges and issues. We understand the highs and the lows that you experience. This gives us a unique insight, allowing us to provide products and services to our customers that deliver what they really need.

Furthermore we publish our trading track record for everyone to see. We don't hide the bad days. We believe in full transparency, and so we publish both the good and the bad. Every trader has bad months, and we're no different. Why not take a look?

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Walk Forward Pro

Introducing a new generation of backtesting and optimization software

Best-practice Optimization

Walk Forward Pro software helps produce more profitable and robust expert advisors for MetaTrader MT4 and MT5, using best practice backtesting and optimization.

Walk Forward Pro Software - Backtest Chart

Walk Forward Analysis and Optimization

Widely considered by professionals to be the most effective backtesting approach. Works with your existing MQL4 and MQL5 Expert Advisors against the MetaTrader platform.

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About Us

We are passionate about algorithmic trading, and about helping other algorithmic traders reach their full potential.

We help traders to develop robust trading systems that deliver results in live accounts.


Built in Yorkshire, UK
Proudly serving Europe and the World