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Training & Coaching

Unfortunately, our training academy only takes a small number of clients each year and we are currently at full capacity. If you would like to go onto our waiting list please contact us directly.

However, you might want to take a look at our ground breaking backtesting and optimization tool, Walk Forward Pro, and join traders from around the World who are robustly optimizing their MetaTrader MT4 & MT5 Expert Advisors (EAs).

Our Training Courses

Trade Like A Machine develops and delivers bespoke, UK based, one-to-one training, tailored to meet your specific needs as a trader. We will first assess your current maturity as a trader - from complete beginner (no prior knowledge of trading) up to advanced - looking at your current knowledge, skills and trading personality/psychology. We will then determine the best course structure to fully meet your needs and get you on the road to a successful trading career.

Trade Like A Machine training focusses almost entirely on technical based trading techniques (apart from how to handle economic news releases). As our name suggests, we have built our own trading systems into completely automated/systematic trading algorithms. Is this how you want to trade? If so, then our training course is well suited to your needs. If you are looking for fundamental / buy-and-hold type training then I'm afraid you will need to look elsewhere.

Typically courses include a selection of the content below that is relevant to the client's specific needs and requirements:

  • The importance of using trading system(s) that suits your personality and how to go about choosing them.

  • Trading psychology, and the importance of controlling your emotions.

  • Overview of specific trading techniques (trend trading, mean reversion, breakout, pairs trading).

  • As part of the course, you will learn about the theory and rationale of the systems that are used each and every day by Trade Like A Machine.

  • The use of filters to identify when a specific system can be traded and when it can't. The most effective ways to systematically identify if the market is trending or ranging, and how to quantify the strength of trends.

  • Hands on, live trading of the markets will occur during the course - you will see the systems in action.

  • Position sizing for long term success (this is an essential part of the course, because if you get it wrong, you will either destroy your account, or conversely not make full use of your capital).

  • You will learn about the concept of a 'System Development Framework', giving you a best practice foundation trading system template to code automated systems quickly and easily. All trainees will be given the Trade Like A Machine development framework (built for MT4) to take away, which can either be used 'as-is' or changed to meet your own specific requirements.

  • Overview of pitfalls that the majority of new traders suffer from and how to avoid them.

  • Best practice methodology for back testing and techniques for how to optimise without curve fitting. You will also find out how to quantitively determine if you have over optimised a system.

  • How to get investor capital - once you become a proficient and consistent trader, you might want to consider allowing others to invest in your skills and expertise. We will discuss the best ways of achieving this.

You are given a guarantee that all training is delivered personally. We never sub-contract training, so we can guarantee you will be trained using exactly the same methods, systems and techniques that we use here at Trade Like A Machine.

What's more, we offer an add-on, one-to-one coaching service for anyone that has been on a training course. This is an invaluable part of the process, and is what will ensure you are able to put into practice what you have learnt on the training.

If you think you might be interested, we first need to ensure our training / coaching is going to be suitable for you. To determine this we have developed a brief pre-assessment questionnaire. It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete and will give us the information we need to assess whether it makes sense for you or not.

Trader Peer Networking &Collaboration

Trade Like A Machine is always open to the possibility of peer networking with other skilled traders, for the mutual benefit of both parties. However traders must be able to demonstrate a compelling, verifiable trading track record on a live trading account (e.g. through Darwinex or similar) for consideration. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

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