Advanced MetaTrader MQL Expert Coding Techniques Video Tutorial Series

A selection of FREE educational MQL coding tutorial videos to help customers get more value from their MetaTrader MT4 and MT5 Expert Advisors

These "must-watch" videos are aimed at MetaTrader users who want to improve their own MQL4 and MQL5 EAs (Expert Advisors). The videos were produced by Trade Like A Machine's Martyn Tinsley for Darwinex.

1. Coding a Multi-Symbol Expert Advisor in MQL for MetaTrader

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

This video looks at the benefits of using a multi-symbol EA (expert advisor) in MetaTrader MT4 and MT5 and how it could improve your trading results. It shows the MQL5 code to achieve this, and also explains the effect that trading multiple symbols can have on your account's equity curve, by smoothing out drawdowns.

2. Coding a Custom Performance Metric in MQL for MetaTrader

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

This episode considers the importance of custom performance metrics in MetaTrader MT4 and MT5. It then goes on to show how to implement this in OnTester() in the MQL programming language. It also shows how a number of common issues in the measurement of success of your parameters in the optimization, can be resolved.

3. Controlling Bar Opening in your MetaTrader EAs

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

This tutorial explains to algorithmic traders, the importance of, and how to control bar opening in your Expert Advisors when using the ‘Open Prices’ and ‘1 minute OHLC’ data models in the MetaTrader Strategy Tester. It also starts to uncover when you need to use tick data and when M1 data is sufficient.

4. How to code a 'Return/MEAN Drawdown' Perf Metric (and why it's better than Max DD)

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Why measuring trading system parameter performance in optimizations using ‘Return/Mean (Average) Drawdown’ is better than the ‘Maximum Drawdown’ equivalent. This can assist with providing a more reliable selection of robust parameters for your algorithmic trading strategy.

5. Measuring Trading Strategy Performance with r and R-Squared (Coefficient of Correlation)

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

How to measure algorithmic trading system parameter performance in optimizations using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r) and the Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared). This video explains how to apply these two statistical techniques to the trading system's equity curve to provide an indication of the smoothness and quality of the equity growth, and also determine how well the system manages equity drawdowns.

6. How to Use MT5 Custom Symbols (Imported and Calculated)

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

The addition of Custom Symbols is a great enhancement to MetaTrader 5 (MT5). However, many traders underestimate the great power these have. This episode explains how to use these to improve your trading decision making. Ideal for both discretionary and algorithmic traders alike.

7. Using the MT5 Strategy Tester for Backtesting? Make sure you configure the execution conditions

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

It's good practice to check a sample of trades from your trading strategy's backtest to ensure that commission, swap, and spread are identical to what you will receive in your broker's live account. Don't do this and your backtest results will be misleading. This episode concentrates specifically on setting up commission when using custom symbols.

About The Creator

Martyn Tinsley - Algorithmic Trader

A passion for all things analytical, and in particular for automated algorithmic trading using artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning.

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