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This FREE video tutorial series looks at a wide variety of considerations for algo traders wanting to trade for a living. A must-watch videos series.

These "must-watch" videos are tagetted at algo traders who are serious about investing their time and research into their own success. They were produced by Trade Like A Machine's Martyn Tinsley for Darwinex.

1. Algo Trading for a Living - Making it all worthwhile and reaching your full potential.

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Making a living from Algo Trading is certainly possible. But for retail traders, it isn't without its challenges. Often talented algo traders end up earning far less than they had originally anticipated, or often they turn to over-leveraging and risk losing everything. This video looks at a solution to this dilemma, enabling traders to reach their full potential, whilst lowering risk.

2. Fine-Tuning Trading Systems by Analyzing Entry and Exit Metrics from your live trading history

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Backtesting and Optimization Processes are of course essential activities for any algorithmic trader. But what about using your live trading history to help you fine-tune your algo trading system? This video shows you how you can achieve this using freely available tools and metrics.

3. 14 Rapid-Fire Tips for Algo Traders (Tips 1-7)

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Don’t believe everything you read and see about Algo Trading. Yes, it can be an incredibly fulfilling career, but hard work is essential if you are to be successful. Be sure to take note of these 14 hints and tips for success. Diverse subjects such as over-leveraging, defining your system premise, and choosing the right broker, are all covered.

4. 14 Rapid-Fire Tips for Algo Traders (Tips 8-14)

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Continuing with the 14 rapid-fire tips for algorithmic traders, this episode covers another 7 tips including: historical price data usage, how to avoid over-fitting, what to do when your system loses its edge, and the dangers of over-complicating the rules of your trading system. Looking for maximum learning, for minimum time? Then this is a video for you.

5. How to develop an algo trading system using a best-practice process

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

There’s a right way and a wrong way of developing algorithmic trading systems. In this episode, I share one of the most important factors of the algo system development lifecycle - The Iterative Development Methodology taken from best-practice 'agile' methodologies used by the IT industry.

6. How to find the Inspiration to Develop New Algorithmic Trading Systems

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Finding the inspiration for new algo trading systems can sometimes seem difficult. But by taking the right steps, those ideas will come flooding in. However, choosing appropriate sources of information to help create viable algorithmic trading systems is an essential consideration. In this video, we share a few ideas to get you on the right track.

7. Why Psychological Biases affect Algorithmic Trading Performance

Martyn TinsleyMartyn Tinsley

Some say that psychological biases shouldn’t affect Algorithmic Traders. Although the impact is different from that of discretionary traders, psychology definitely plays a part in whether an Algo Trader will be successful or not in the long-term. This video tutorial explains why this is, and also what can be done to turn these biases to your advantage.

More comments taken from the YouTube Darwinex channel:

"That's really awesome content!... Very, VERY useful to see if there's an edge or it is just because of luck and/or overfitting. He's a very good source of valuable knowledge."

Marty Castany

"Thanks Martyn. Very informative. Looking forward to more content on this."

Ezalor Investments

"These series of videos are really interesting for two reasons: 1) they address a real and serious problem for algorithmic trading. 2) they are absolutely clear (which is not a common thing). I am eager to see the next videos of this series."

Leon Jaime Bendayán Rios

"These videos are purely gold"

yeison wilchez

"This is fantastic. Finally, some real value being added to the retail space. Keep it up"

Mohammad Ahmad

"This is amazing, and although I understood this subconsciously, its the first time I've heard it academically."


"Martyn your whole series is excellent. thank u!"

Ivan Hudec

"Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, you're awesome man!"

Eduard Querol

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication of putting this series together for the Algo Trading community!"

Michael Williams

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It makes it all worthwhile, Martyn Tinsley

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Martyn Tinsley - Algorithmic Trader

A passion for all things analytical, and in particular for automated algorithmic trading. Founded Trade Like A Machine to promote best-practice trading system development and optimization techniques, helping other algo traders succeed.

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"Wow. Amazingly enlightening. I have read so much on proper ways to back test and [these videos] blew my mind. Thank you so much."

Jason Smith

"Martyn, you should seriously consider writing a book... Your content is top notch."


"What a unique level of great quality, useful content"

Bigote Blanco

"This is great!... You are a talented educator Martyn!"

Krisjanis Berzins

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