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Future Training Event for all Algo Traders

Online training event for algo traders. Specializing in trading system development, backtesting, optimization, and trading portfolio risk management.

Note the following information is subject to change at this time


Trade Like A Machine only shares its knowledge and delivers training services on an infrequent basis. A waiting list process is used to allow potential delegates to express an interest. Delegates receive a blend of live interactive group seminars, pre-recorded topic sessions, plus downloadable resources and tools.

Sessions provide a blend of:

  • Tried and tested techniques that underpin our own trading systems and development process
  • Delivery of the research we've undertaken over the previous year - just the parts that have had the most impact on our own trading success

The training content focuses solely on the substantive information you need, without any unnecessary padding. We believe our track record speaks for itself in terms of knowing what is important and what is not, in order to become a successful algo trader.


Dates to still to be decided. If you think you might be interested, get in touch and we'll add you to our training email list, and let you know when dates are confirmed.


Trade Like A Machine specializes in algorithmic trading. If this is your aspiration then the training might be for you.

However, we strongly believe that to be a successful algo trader you need to have good coding knowledge. We do not believe in drag and drop / WYSIWYG tools for system development. It is our strong view that these tools simply don't offer the flexibility required to produce robust profitable systems.

All of our content focuses on the development of trading strategies for MT5 (using MQL5). It will of course be helpful to have a working knowledge of MQL5 - but it isn't essential if you have experience of other coding languages(s) and you have the propensity/desire to transfer those skills to MQL5.

Note that although the course content will include heavy exposure to code, it will not teach you to code and the format of sessions means that it would be disruptive to other attendees if the basics of coding need to be explained.

Based on this information, you need to decide whether this training is for you, or not.


Training is divided into individual modules (see below). Initial modules provide the foundational education to help you learn how to become a successful algo trader.

The final module is where it gets really exciting. Here we work together to build a trading system hands-on, from defining a premise, development, optimization, and right through to achieving a production-ready EA.


The overall cost will depend on the options chosen.

Base offering - GBP £2,9503

This provides access to all interactive group seminars, pre-recorded topic sessions, plus downloadable resources and tools1

Also included in the price is a 1 hour 1-2-1 session with Martyn Tinsley that will take place after the main group sessions. This can be used to answer any outstanding questions or to discuss specific topics.

Optional 2 hours of 1-2-1 sessions - GBP £5003

This provides the opportunity for an additional 2 hours of 1-2-1 consultancy with Martyn Tinsley. This can be a single 2-hour session or 2 x 1-hour sessions depending on your preference. If purchasing this option you will still receive the 1 hour 1-2-1 as part of the base offering, so 3 hours in total.

Optional 4 hours of 1-2-1 sessions - GBP £8503

If you feel that 2 additional hours of 1-2-1 sessions will not be sufficient, this option allows you to purchase 4 hours at a lower cost per hour. This can be 2 x 2-hour sessions or 4 x 1-hour sessions depending on your preference. If purchasing this option you will still receive the 1 hour as part of the base offering, so 5 hours in total.


The base offering provides a number of tools and resources including an Expert Advisor Framework (written in MQL5 for use with MT5). This framework will be used to build the strategy in the final module. You will receive both the standard framework and the version incorporating the finished strategy that we jointly develop in the sessions.

These resources are provided for your own personal use, but the costs detailed above do not provide any support whatsoever. You must ensure that you are technically proficient and able to use these on your own without any assistance from Trade Like A Machine

Note that we provide 'educational' services only, and do not provide financial or investment advice.

About The Trainer / Consultant

Martyn Tinsley - Algorithmic Trader

A passion for all things analytical, and in particular for automated algorithmic trading. Founded Trade Like A Machine to promote best-practice trading system development and optimization techniques, helping other algo traders succeed.

Customer Feedback

"Martyn cuts through anything you don’t need to know and jam packs each session with essential value and actionable techniques."

Dr Samuel Beatson - Sheffield, UK

"I must say that the service provided has exceeded my expectations. Martyn doesn’t shy away from sharing the skills and knowledge that he has acquired throughout the years."

Abbas Khelkhali - Dubai, UAE

"Martyn has equipped me with the right knowledge and tools to become a successful algorithmic trader. What I like about Martyn is that he is not only a great coach but also a successful algorithmic trader himself."

Aboubakar Coulibaly - Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

"I have reached a level that I could not have imagined before I started the training. Now I can develop my own strategies avoiding all the traps that most traders are not even aware of."

Arnaud Hoffstetter - France

See more feedback on our training and consultancy services at the bottom of this page

Important Note: All information and resources provided as part of the educational modules are based on our own experience, research, and findings. You should always test these ideas thoroughly for yourself before using them, to ensure they work for your own personal trading circumstances and style, and before using them for trading purposes. Note that our services are educational only and do not constitute financial investment advice of any sort.

1An MT5 EA Framework and other tools/resources are included in the price. However, note that these do not come with any support. It's a case of 'you are free to use them, but you need to understand and support them yourself'. This is why it is important for you to be technically proficient with suitable coding experience before deciding to enroll in the training.

2We do not provide tick data with any of the modules but can make recommendations of where this can be sourced at your own cost.

3Payments are accepted from non-GBP accounts, however, you will need to be responsible for any currency conversions charges, and payments must arrive in our bank account in GBP, to the full amount of the GBP figures specified above.

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