How to invest in Trade Like A Machine Strategies


Investing in Trade Like A Machine Trading Strategies

All investments in our trading systems are transacted through a UK FCA regulated third party (Darwinex), and the terms and conditions you agree to are between yourself and Darwinex. Trade Like A Machine only makes our systems available via the Darwinex platform.


  1. Visit the Darwinex website

    Follow this link to start the sign-up process on the Darwinex website.

  2. Opening a Darwinex Investor Account

    Make sure you choose the 'INVEST IN TRADERS' option as shown below. Don't select 'OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT'.

    Darwinex - Invest in Traders
    Darwinex - Invest in Traders

    Darwinex - Open Investor Account
    Darwinex - Open Investor Account
  4. Account Sign up

    Sign up for your account and then fund your investor account.

    Darwinex - Account Sign Up
    Darwinex - Account Sign Up
  5. Investing in our trading strategies

    Once your account is fully setup and you have funds available in your account you are ready to start investing.

    To find our systems, simply use this link: TradeSignalMachine Strategies

    Alternatively search for our username in the Darwinex platform as shown below. Note that our username on the Darwinex platform is TradeSignalMachine  (not TradeLikeAMachine).

    Darwinex - Search for TradeSignalMachine Strategies
    Darwinex - Search for TradeSignalMachine Strategies
  6. Selecting your strategy(s) to invest in

    Once you have selected the strategies you would like to invest in simply click 'TRADE' as shown below.

    Darwinex - Investing in a Strategy
    Darwinex - Investing in a Strategy

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